What Makes You Happy?

This statement is very true in my mind. Merely seeing a picture of a delicious cupcake seems to brighten my day somehow. I found this awesome print by YEE-HAW INDUSTRIAL LETTERPRESS. Check out their stuff! They have some seriously funny and adorable prints, shirts, cards, etc.

I found out that Stanford University actually offers a class called “Designing Happiness.” What an amazing idea! Check it out: The Corporate Pursuit of Happiness. I would love to make a career as a Happiness Coach- working on a personal and corporate level- probably the best job ever! Reading this article really made me think about how amazing Coca Cola is at creating this link between their company and happiness. Think about all their ads- print and commercial. I can’t say that I find myself  NOT smiling after seeing one. Or this genius bit of marketing: The Happiness Machine. If you haven’t watched this video, you really should do your soul the favor.


Speaking of Coca Cola, the last episode of  This American Life  featured a story about the huge controversy of the sacred and secret Coca Cola recipe. Ira Glass handed over to the public,  what he believes to be the actual Coke recipe. Say what?! Listen to this. You really need to listen to the podcast in order to fully grasp the history and discovery of the recipe: #427 Original Recipe. Even when Ira proposed this recipe to a rep from Coca Cola, he denied it’s validity of course, but he went back to the idea that even if someone DID score the exact recipe, they couldn’t bring consumers the happiness and nostalgic feeling that the Coca Cola Company brings to so many people. He’s got a point.

I think I’ll attempt to do what Jenifer Aaker has her students do in her Designing Happiness class- you should too! Everyday, for 3o days, snap a pic of something that makes you happy or brings you joy. You might just learn a little about yourself….but ultimately, think of what a kick-a, happy collage you’ll be able to make at the end of your 30 days!  🙂


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