I Could Live off This Stuff….


I got some yummy cilantro at the farmers market this weekend and realized that it was already getting pretty soft. SO I rummaged through the fridge to see in what way I could put this green stuff to use. I then realized that I had everything I needed to make the most delicious dip in the WORLD! My family has been making this stuff since I can remember but I’m not sure where the recipe originated. Well, I use word “recipe” lightly…my fam never actually has anything written down. I don’t think they even use measurements. Things are usually just thrown together until it tastes right. Which is exactly what I did with this heavenly concoction. So here it is- A combination that will prove to be stellar snackage. It’s been my lunch for the last three days.

Black beans, corn, tomatoes, red onion, cilantro, cumin, salt and pepper. Combine to your liking and dive in with some tortilla chips. That’s it. Go crazy!


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