What makes me happy- Day#20


You know about the penny, right?

I heard that repeated three times while walking with my bunch of tulips at the farmer’s market yesterday before I realized that this guy was actually talking to me.
“You know about the penny, right?”
“Ummm…no. No, I don’t think so, ” I replied.
“If you put a penny that was made before 1982 in the vase with the tulips, they won’t wilt.”
“Oh, wow. That’s good to know,” I said.

Not quite sure if this guy knew what he was talking about, so I went home and asked the guy I trust the most, Mr. Google. Sure enough, this flower-loving, market stranger knew his stuff. Check out ehow’s  How to Avoid Drooping Tulips. Apparently pre-1964 pennies contain almost 100% copper and are the best medicine for droopy lips- but those are also very hard to come by. So your best bet is to at least find a penny dated before 1982. After 1982, we were left with nothing more than a copper plated zinc penny (97.5% zinc and 2.5% copper.) Apparently, the copper helps decrease the pH level and works as a fungicide. Who knew, right?

Thanks random flower-lover. You made me happy!


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