What makes me happy- Day#27


It might sound a bit cliché for a girl to say that a new pair of shoes makes her happy- don’t care. I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of wedges for a while now. Being a gal of height, I rarely find the need to wear anything but flats and sneakers. I also have a boyfriend who happens to be the same height as me and appreciates when I’m not hovering next to him in 3 inch heels.  But being in LA as it’s slowly warming to the perfect sun dress temperature has really put me on the prowl for some strappy, leather corkforms. These were not only the perfect fit, color and strappiness, but they were actually very comfortable. DSW, even though your shoe collection is largely intimidating, every once in awhile I  have the patience to slowly wander down each of your 300 aisles to find what I’m looking for. Today was one of those days and I came out a winner! I’d also like to think I’m celebrating Earth Day Anthropologie style- you know, with the whole cork thing I mentioned in my last post.  I encourage everyone to go out and purchase the perfect pair of cork wedges to celebrate Earth Day- April 22nd!

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