Mucho Verde

I started my day in a green way! In other words, I made a green smoothie for breakfast. I have really gotten into these guys lately. So versatile, so yummy, so healthy AND my favorite color. I just got an awesome new book in the mail yesterday, Going Raw by Judita Wignall. I am, by no means, “going raw” anytime soon. But I have realized that incorporating more raw meals into my diet has made me feel awesome and I’m interested in learning more creative ways of doing it!  So here’s a simple green smoothie recipe straight from Mrs. Wignall’s beautiful book:

Going Raw by Judita Wignall

     Peaches & Greens Smoothie

     3 cups (510 g) chopped peaches
2 cups (60 g) chopped spinach
1 cup (150 g) sliced bananas|
1 cup (235 ml) nut milk

 Blend and enjoy!

( So apparently, by blending green veggies we’re able to use their nutrients better than just chewing them! “The chlorophyll, minerals, and protein content are easily assimilated and used by our body, as opposed to only 30 percent of it being usable if we chew greens with our teeth.”  And here I’ve been wasting so much time CHEWING! Good to know…)

This past weekend was also very  green for me. Mostly because I spent it in Palos Verdes, California and partly because I spent it being jealous of people who live there. Palos Verdes is amazing little peninsula located on the coast of soutwestern LA county. So it’s not far from where I live, maybe just over an hour, but it’s one of those places that makes you feel like you’ve traveled hundreds of miles to take a tranquil vacation away from the city. Here’s a few pics to prove just how awesome this place is.

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