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Yellow Hammer Design Shop

Couldn’t be happier with my latest random purchase from Yellow Hammer Design Shop!


I was looking for a unique set of low ball glasses and stumbled across these hand crafted beauties.comeandgetit4

The matte gold lettering is subtle and modern.


They were even shipped with this adorable gray and white tray!


Make sure to check out Yellow Hammer Design Shop; beautiful, simple designs that a Texas girl can really appreciate. COME AND TAKE IT, ya’ll!


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More Bottle Brilliance

1920’s canning jar

With all my glass bottle/jar craziness lately, it’s no wonder I’m finding amazing sites to accompany my weirdness. Just wanted to share a slideshow that Martha has so conveniently placed on her website. It’s all about how to decipher and date glass bottles. Pre-tty interesting stuff if you ask me. I know…no one asked. But I’m telling you anyway. 🙂

Check out Martha Stewart’s “Collecting Bottles.”

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I admit: I’m turning into my grandmother on certain levels. Not only am I finding a few gray hairs and leaning towards slightly powdery perfumes, but I’ve also been saving shiz likes it’s nobodies business! I recently found myself saving a butter container. Yes, I have an old Earth Balance tupperware under my sink right now. But ya know what – 1.) It’s the perfect size to save the little bit of frosting I had leftover from making cupcakes this weekend. 2.) It came free with 8 ounces of butter 3.) It’s a #5 plastic, people! It can’t technically be recycled anyway. So go ahead, judge me. You can’t say it doesn’t make sense though.

So plastic butter containers may not be on the top of everyone’s rescue list. But there is one thing I think we can all agree is hard to toss- a glass soda bottle. Yes, you could recycle it, but it’s just so darn charming. I know I’ve talked about my inability to chunk these items before. They really do make for an adorable little vase! But there are only so many bottle vases one little studio apartment can hold. In an effort to save my collection of Coke, Sprite, and Fanta glass bottles that were starting to become somewhat of an eyesore on my kitchen counter, I definitely turned to my bff, Google, for some advice.

First idea I stumbled across- Dish soap dispenser. And who doesn’t want an excuse to get that ugly plastic Dawn bottle off the counter. There’s really nothing to this one at all- wash the bottle, fill it with soap and top it with a pouring spout. I got my spout for $3 at Crate and Barrel. It’s also a good idea to dilute the soap so that it comes out a little easier. ThrifyFun talks about the benefits of diluting dish soap here. So easy, so cute and I saved the life of one more coke bottle! Next project: oil and vinegar dispensers! Ok, maybe I am going a little bottle crazy. I just need to take a deep breath and lay the rest of my collection in their recycle bin grave. Maybe…

Check out these other awesome ways to save the life of a glass bottle or jar!

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Dear Doily

Feewf! 30 Days of Happiness- harder than I thought it would be! I’ve realized that food and flowers are what keep me smiling most days. 🙂 To celebrate, how bout one more thing that I have a major soft spot for: The Doily.

Dear Doily,
You remind me of tea time and grandma’s house. I wish I could make you myself but it seems kind of silly to learn when I can buy you for 99 cents in a multitude of colors and sizes. Please continue to pop up in unexpected places and forms for generations to come.

Till we craft again,


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