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Fall Floral Inspiration

Fall is among us and I couldn’t be more excited to finally see a few leaves change color! I started looking for fall floral arrangement ideas online and realized that there are very few that don’t look like they belong in a window display at Kirkland’s. But here are some exceptions that really stood out. Happy floraling!





milk glass






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Closet Office

I just moved into a new apartment! What what?! Nice and spacious but with some very interesting nooks and crannies. Looks like I’m going to be turning a mini closet into an office. Time for some tiny, closet office inspiration!

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What makes me happy- Day #7


Fresh cut flowers– especially ones that smell like heaven (such as these!)  This bunch is actually from the farmers market that I mentioned in my last post. My bf happens to love getting Mexican Coke from the corner market and the bottle works as a great little make-shift vase. 🙂

What makes me happy- Day #6


Sunday morning farmer’s market -especially with good friends 🙂

What makes me happy- Day #5


Freshly baked bread! The smell, the taste, the sound of cutting it-everything about it.

(I’ve realized that I could definitely post a picture of food every single day for 30 days…so I’m going to try and be more creative-stretch myself a bit after this one. No guarantees that there won’t be more food pics though.)

What makes me happy- Day #4


Starting the day off with the perfect cup of coffee.

What makes me happy- Day #3


My tattoo– constant reminder that I was blessed with two amazing siblings.

What makes me happy- Day #2


Breathing new life into street corner junk! (an old chair I picked up off the corner when walking to my car from Brian & Tina’s. Fixed up and distressed with much help from my bf.)

What makes me happy- Day #1

So for the month of March, I’m attempting to conquer a challenge I threw out in a previous post:

“I think I’ll attempt to do what Jenifer Aaker has her students do in her Designing Happiness class- you should too! Everyday, for 3o days, snap a pic of something that makes you happy or brings you joy. You might just learn a little about yourself….but ultimately, think of what a kick-a, happy collage you’ll be able to make at the end of your 30 days!  🙂 ”

Day 1…GO!


Trader Joe’s frozen yogurt
(a little honey and some raspberries….aww yeaaah)

I Could Live off This Stuff….


I got some yummy cilantro at the farmers market this weekend and realized that it was already getting pretty soft. SO I rummaged through the fridge to see in what way I could put this green stuff to use. I then realized that I had everything I needed to make the most delicious dip in the WORLD! My family has been making this stuff since I can remember but I’m not sure where the recipe originated. Well, I use word “recipe” lightly…my fam never actually has anything written down. I don’t think they even use measurements. Things are usually just thrown together until it tastes right. Which is exactly what I did with this heavenly concoction. So here it is- A combination that will prove to be stellar snackage. It’s been my lunch for the last three days.

Black beans, corn, tomatoes, red onion, cilantro, cumin, salt and pepper. Combine to your liking and dive in with some tortilla chips. That’s it. Go crazy!