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Whatever FLOATS Your Boat

Ice cream floats are a beautiful thing. Nostalgic, versatile, DELICIOUS: you just really can’t go wrong with the float. So grab a mason jar and paper straw and get creative! Here’s a few of my favorite float ideas:

Dark Chocolate Bourbon Floats via How Sweet It Is

Mimosa Float via Peanut Butter and Dill Pickles

apple pie
 Apple Pie Float via How Does She?
candy cane
 Candy Cane Float via Spicy Ice Cream
 Creamsicle Float via 1 Big Bite
 Mango Ginger Float via Snails View
 Sparkling Citrus Floats via Ciera Design
 Root Beer Float Shooters via Somewhere Splendid
 Floating Fruit Cobblers via Better Recipes
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What makes me happy- Day #28


I know, I know…I wasn’t supposed to post any more pictures of food. I couldn’t help it. This gigantic pile of deliciousness is an order of Supreme Mojos from Shakey’s Pizza Parlor. Circle fries topped with cheese, salsa, bacon, sour cream and chives. They are to DIE for and will subsequently kill you if eaten in one sitting. They were my fat intake for the month. SO worth it!

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What makes me happy- Day #21


Got this shirt a stellar little diner/clothing store named Boogies in Aspen. Even though I feel you must be freakishly skinny in order to wear this and not get “you’re a carnivorous pig” stares, I like it! I’m also pretty fond of the “I pick Boogies” pin that came with it. 🙂

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